Giant OTR Tire

The company is China's largest high-end tire production base and an important high-end tire R&D laboratory-testing base. As the top runner for high-end tires, it has established State-certified Enterprise Technology Center and the State Key Laboratory. It specializes in production of "Torch" oblique engineering giant tires, oblique truck tires, all-steel engineering giant tires and industrial vehicle tires. Tires are used for large or super-large loading cars, serve large-scale projects and mining, featured with stable structure, good road holding, fast heat dissipation, good cutting-resistant performance, strong puncture-resistant ability, low heat, safe and reliable operations, and good grip performance. Products have won the Special Award and First Prize for National Progress in Science and Technology, as well as Contribution Prize for Shenzhou VI and VII. Its leading products "Torch" oblique giant engineering tires are known as "China Best tires."
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