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ChemChina Holds Work Conference in Beijing
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation China National Chemical Corporation Date: 2015-01-18

On January 17 and 18, ChemChina held its work conference in Beijing. Specialized companies and directly affiliated companies under it also held their respective work meetings. At the conference, the spirit of the 3rd and 4th plenary sessions of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee, the Central Economic Work Conference, and the Conference of Central Enterprise Heads was disseminated, a summary was made for the work of 2014, and tasks for 2015 were deployed based on analysis of economic conditions home and abroad. Chairman and Party Secretary Ren Jianxin delivered his work report titled “Adapt to the New Normal, Stimulate New Motivations, and Comprehensively Promote ChemChina’s Scientific Development for Better Quality and Higher Efficiency.”

Attending the event were SOE Board of Supervisors Chairman Gao Fengtao and relevant officials from Office 01 for SOE Board of Supervisors, Department II for Enterprise Head Management. Also present at the conference were external directors of ChemChina. Mr. Gao delivered a speech.

In his report, Ren Jianxin looked back on 2014 and gave a summary for the year. In 2014, ChemChina achieved a total business revenue of RMB254.54 billion, up by 4.3% year on year, up by 200.63% year on year. It was ranked 276th among the Fortune 500, up by 79 places over the previous year. It is also the 44th largest manufacturing enterprise of China and No. 1 in the chemical industry. ChemChina holds 4,655 patents, 2,885 of which are patents of invention, one the Top 5 central enterprises in this regard.

In 2014, ChemChina saw no severe accidents. The overall energy consumption per RMB10,000 of output value was down by 3.7%, waste water discharge was down by 2.2%, COD emission by 2.4%, and SO2 emission by 2.1%. All targets were fulfilled.

When making arrangements for 2015, Ren emphasized that the year 2015 is a critical year for comprehensively deepening the reform, the inaugural year for fully promoting the rule of law, and the final year for the completion of the 12th Five-year Plan. Therefore, we should focus on quality and efficiency improvement, proceed with all tasks by centering on the two priorities of “actively exploring mature business models, and establishing effective incentive and constraint mechanisms”.

Specifically, Ren laid out arrangements for 2015 in nine aspects: (1) focus on core tasks and establish a marketing system well-adapted to the market; (2) speed up restructuring and make continuous progress towards the “3+1” business structure; (3) make continuous improvements to form a long-term mechanism for enhanced management; (4) conduct strict investment management and break through bottlenecks by exploring the potential of existing devices; (5) stick to innovations to effectively improve the profitability of sciences and the military industry; (6) build the SHE system and promote safety and environment friendliness with concrete steps; (7) strengthen the leadership and forge high-caliber talents; (8) turn Party building into a long-term mechanism and reinforce achievements already made; and (9) strive to create value and make a grand blueprint for the 13th Five-year Plan period in a scientific manner.

Talking about the 13th Five-year Plan, Ren proposed specific strategic goals in his speech: Guided the principle of “New Science New Future”, targeted at the 3+1 structure, and taking restructuring as the core task, ChemChina will strive for “two zeros and four synchronizations”, continue its introduction efforts in three aspects, go towards the two ends of the smiling curve of the chemical industry, build its core competitiveness, and endeavor to achieve the “5511” strategic goals, i.e., RMB500 billion in assets, RMB500 billion in sales revenues, RMB10 billion in profits, and 100 entrepreneurs.

As host of the conference, General Manager Yang Xingqiang said that Ren’s work report was of great importance for the whole group to unite around a shared mindset, build a strong confidence, and ensure fulfillment of all targets for the year; and required that all departments and subsidiaries must study the report carefully, understand the current situation accurately through comprehensive analysis, stick to the priorities of quality and efficiency improvement and scientific development, and make concrete efforts in all aspects of their work.

The Office of Production & Operation, Personnel Department, Finance Department, Planning & Development Department, Supervision Department, Science & Technology Department, PR Department, Management & Information Department, and the Administrative Office each gave a briefing of its work. Liu Yawen, assistant to GM and Vice Chairman of the Workers’ Union introduced the achievements of model Party members and organizations at the event.

The 5th meeting of the First Employees’ Congress was held during the same period.

A total of 517 people attended the meeting, including members of ChemChina Party leadership, assistant to GM, assistants to deputy department heads and officials above that level, the leadership and department heads of all specialized companies and directly affiliated institutions, Party officials of directly affiliated enterprises, and representatives of employees.  

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