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range and All Season tyre range as a strategic component for the Western European, Eastern European and Scandinavian markets
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation China National Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd. Date: 2016-08-08

The successfully implemented TÜV SÜD Tyre Test Mark for the second summer tyre generation of ACE2 lines, SteeringACE and PrecisionACE, is also being expanded to include the future winter tyre range. The first tests by TÜV SÜD for the next generation of winter tyres have already been passed and will be completed before the end of the year if the weather conditions play out as projected.

“With our ultra high performance winter tyres SnowACE AW03, we have an excellent product that has proven itself in the last two years without exception. The feedback I have received from end consumers through our importers and their sales team confirm our internal test results and experiences without any ambiguity!” Thomas Wohlgemuth, General Manager for Western Europe, explains and adds: “When I look back on consumer behaviour in recent years and analyse the respective sales figures of summer and winter tyres, this confirms to me two phenomena. On the one hand, it is not only necessary but also desired by consumers to drive a seasonal specialist in each case. On the other hand, there is a continuation in the trend of driving with winter tyres in varying weather conditions – particularly at temperatures typical of autumn until the early summer – or even driving with the same tyres throughout the entire year. There is a requirement for winter tyres to achieve performance not only at the lowest temperatures or on snow but also on wet testing grounds. Ultimately, it is and remains important that the specialist retailers provide professional advice in this area and emphasise to the consumer the risks of improper tyre use for the season. Our winter tyres are developed in an increasingly specialised way for the geographic areas and field of application. We will therefore introduce our Ice Challenger AW05 in a current version in the coming weeks – the Ice Challenger is also used in Northern Europe as studded tyres. For the 2016 season, we will further expand the AEOLUS product line in the Ultra High Performance range and the High Performance range. The replacements for SnowACE AW03 and AW02 are currently being prepared and are expected to be presented at the REIFEN 2016 trade fair!"

The AEOLUS SnowACE and Ice Challenger range is rounded off by the 4SeasonACE as an all-season tyre introduced in 2014. The AW02 is available for specialist retailers in 20 dimensions (T+H) in the sizes 13”/70 – 16”/55. The AW03 is also available in 20 dimensions (H+V) 16”/65 – 18”/40 and the 4SeasonACE in 13 dimensions (T+H+V) 13”/70 – 15”/50. In the first launch, the Ice Challenger (AW05) will be introduced in approximately 40 dimensions (T+H) 14”/65.

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