Safety in Production
Shanghai Latex Factory's hidden danger inspection
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2012-01-04

In view of the frequent occurrence of fires and accidents in areas with dangerous chemicals in China and to do more for worker safety, The Shanghai Latex Factory has been closely investigating its premises since October, and taking corrective measures in compliance with the parent company's and the China National Tire & Rubber Corp's requirement.

It has involved the supervision of leaders, the inspection among departments, and self-examination of employees, with the Latex Factory first gathering all the staff members and workers and getting them to study the State Council Safety Commission's instructions on "Earnestly Implementing the Important Instructions of Central Leaders", "Ensuring Work Safety" and "Carrying out a Nationwide Supervision and Inspection of Work Safety".

The factory also increased education measures and training on general safety, safety regulations, first aid, and related areas and tried to increase employee safety consciousness and self-protection. In addition, it set up a safety inspection group to look closely for hidden troubles that might occur in the factory, and it increased inspections of departments and cited those that did well in correcting any trouble spots, and criticized those that did not do well and gave them a deadline for to making corrections. In the end, the results were quite good. (Shanghai Latex Factory  Sun Yifeng)

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