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Aeolus makes 500 most valuable Chinese brands list again
Source: China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-12-27

When the website World Brand Lab recently announced the eighth list of  China's 500 most valuable brands, "Aeolus" came in at 215th, with a brand value of 5.917 billion yuan. The brand value was up 2.15 billion yuan from the 2010 figure and up 20 places on the list. Its brand value and ranking increase were both the best in its history.

The Brand Lab selects its list of most valuable Chinese brands by analyzing a company's finances, consumer behavior, and relative brand strength. It is an international brand research organization chaired by Robert A. Mundell, a Nobel laureate in economics and "Father of the Euro". Its research results have become an important source in the evaluation of intangible assets of enterprises.

Aeolus has in fact made the list for eight straight years and its brand value has gone from 2.36 billion, in 2004, (the first year of the list) to the current value.

In recent years, Aeolus has had a "Brands Revitalize the Company" approach based on the concept "Build the brand, strive to be first", and it wants to develop top brands and a top company through its brand strategy and brand promotion.  (Aeolus  Niu Dongfang)

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