Announcement on Obtaining the Approval of the Joint Restructuring of Sinochem and ChemChina
On March 31, at the approval of the State Council, Sinochem Group Co.,...
ChemChina Ranks 167th among the Fortune Global 500
On the latest annual list of the Fortune Global 500 released worldwide...
Italian Embassy Congratulates on the Unveiling of ChemChina’s First “National Theme Month”
On June 2, ChemChina launched the first “National Theme Month” at its ...
ChemChina Holds Work Conference in Beijing
On January 17 and 18, ChemChina held its work conference in Beijing.
The company produces more than 20 million tires annually and its products are sold in more than 120 countries and regions. It is the only Chinese tire company that is export...
The company is China's largest conveyer belt and automobile brake hose manufacturer and mainly produces conveyer belts, triangular belts, brake hose, automobile air conditioning hose...
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